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Sompting Village Morris recruits new members every year in the autumn, and the group welcomes  both dancers and musicians, including those with or without experience.  

The group meets every Wednesday night in Worthing, between October and April, to practise the  dances ready for the performances in the summer. New members receive expert tuition, and our  practice nights are very friendly and welcoming occasions, with many touches of humour. New members will learn traditional dances or will be able to join in playing the dance tunes. 

As well as attending regular dance performances, Sompting Village Morris members enjoy a  number of social events, including a Christmas dinner, men’s “walking tours” of local pubs and  ladies’ “cream tea” tours. We also have an end-of-season mystery coach tour in September, to  finish off our dancing season.


Please check our website for details of recruitment evenings or “taster” sessions. If you are interested in joining us, please talk to a member of the team, or: